traditional_steel_garage_doorIf your aim is to get the most bang for your buck then the Traditional Steel garage doors are an excellent option. These garage doors are well known for their durability and outstanding performance. Affordability does not mean loss of performance or aesthetic appeal. This series promises to impress you with several design features and options. The Traditional Series offers modern and classic designs that look great.

When you consider that the polyester paint is baked on for a well preserved finish you may realize the value of this bargain even more. The double coated baked on polyester paint is a finishing touch that requires low maintenance and will look beautiful for many years to come. There are exterior texture options as well to give the traditional steel door a wood grain look.

The finishing paint can be completed with options from five basic colors. Selections to best enhance the exterior color on your home are applied and sealed. No matter which color you select the paint is heat sealed for a strong and beautiful finished look. Options are available for windows and glass as well in the design of your garage door as well.

Traditional Steel proves that even with the more affordable garage door selection you can have something that looks great and functions smoothly. You will even have an added protection against any outdoor elements with a weather seal on the bottom of the garage door. The weather seal will keep insects and other creeping things from getting into the garage as well which is a great added bonus.

The Traditional Steel series has excellent strength and is engineered with reinforcement during construction. These reinforcements provide the most strength possible without burdening the garage door opener with too much weight. Look no further for great selection, affordability and reliability.

You can purchase a garage door from the Traditional Steel garage door series with confidence since a limited lifetime warranty is available. Whatever options you choose, the Traditional Steel garage door is a reasonable investment, built to last.

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