When it comes time to purchasing a new garage door opener, without a doubt the answer, however, is not quite as simple…

  • Essentially, there are 5 drive options when it comes to selecting a residential garage door opener:
    • Chain Drive
    • Belt Drive
    • Hybrid
    • Jackshaft
    • Screw Drive
  • and two power options:
    • DC
    • AC

Typically, the two foremost factors affecting the final decision are price and noise. For example: chain drive garage door openers and ones with AC motors make a little more noise when operating your overhead door, yet subsequently, they cost a little less. Below is the breakdown of each type of automatic garage door openers.

Note: If you would like a residential garage door opener quote, click here. We offer a variety of brands for your convenience, including Genie Garage Door openers & LiftMaster Garage Door openers in Colorado Springs, CO & surrounding areas. Please make sure to include the height of your garage door and any other pertinent information that would assist us with your estimate. Or, feel free to call us at  (719) 265 – 9032. 


Chain Drive

Surprisingly, if it is a chain drive with a DC motor [in contrast to an AC Motor], it will be as silent as a belt drive operator without the added expense!

models we carry include: Genie IntelliG (1000 & 1200), Liftmaster Premium Series Model 3265, Liftmaster Elite Series Model 8587, and Liftmaster Premium Series with Battery Backup Model 8360. Please call us at (719) 265-9032 or click here to request a price quote.

Our personal favorite:

Belt Drive

  • Runs on a rubber belt
    • A full reinforced drive belt
  • As reliable as a chain drive, but virtually silent
  • More expensive than chain drive operators

Available LiftMaster Belt drive models:

  • Model 8355
  • Model 8550
  • Model 8557

Genie Available Units:

  • Genie IntelliG 1000
  • Genie IntelliG 1200




Quiet. Durable. Strong.

Garage door operation simplified.

Direct Drive technology is durable and reliable due to only one moving steel sprocket. DC motor is directly attached to the door providing maximum lifting force. Features a stationary chain design, eliminating chain or belt sag that can occur with other openers. Quietest garage door opener available. The SOMMER steel sprocket will not strip out, unlike plastic or nylon sprockets.

The SOMMER synoris is the only opener offering Europe’s innovative Direct Drive technology featuring a motor that glides silently along a chain which is fixed and securely tensioned within a sturdy steel rail. This vibration-free design delivers virtually silent operation making it perfect for any home.


sommer-3SOMMER openers are very sensitive to the presence of obstacles. The motor and sensing instruments are attached directly to your garage door allowing it to respond quickly and safely to any obstruction. In addition to this safety feature, soft-start and soft-stop technology ensures the smoothest possible operation. It is the only garage door opener with a Lifetime Warranty on the main assembly.

Experience the difference a SOMMER opener will make in your home!

sommer-4Technical data:

synoris 550 (3/4 HP) – for doors up to 550 lbs.
synoris 800 (1 HP) – for doors up to 1000 lbs.
Rail lengths available for 7 ft., 8 ft., and 10 ft. high doors
12 ft. and 14 ft. doors require our 3ft. or 5 ft. rail extensions
24V DC motor technology
Radio frequency: AM 310 MHz
Rolling code enabled



  • Ultra quiet with internal chain and sprocket  DC Motor
  • Space-saving with wall-mounted design
  • Control panel that displays time, temperature, and diagnostic information
  • Backup Battery Capable
  • My Q Technology enabled (requires additional purchase of Internet Gateway)

The original, exclusive residential jackshaft operator currently on the market is the Liftmaster Elite Series Model 8500. A sidemount garage door opener is quite crucial in a garage that has some type of obstruction (such as an i-beam) or extremely limited head room creating issues with installing a standard automatic opener. Additionally, it is required for high-lift and full vertical applications. Lastly, it is preferred for those looking to optimize their maximum space within the garage for recreational activities or simply storage efficiency.

garage-door-openers4Screw Drive

  • Uses lifting device, which runs along a threaded steel rod
  • Less maintenance due to fewer moving parts
  • Works well in constant climate conditions, but do not stand up to drastic temperature change (like in Colorado!)
  • Older models are slower moving and noisy
  • Newer models reduce much noise and operate more efficiently

Two models of screwdrive operators:

  • Genie TriloG 1200 Direct Drive Screw
  • LiftMaster Model 3240 1/2hp Screwdrive
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