Weather-Seal-ReplacementAt Mountain Fox Garage Doors, no part of your garage door is any less important than the next. Everything on your garage door has a role and a function at keeping you and your family safe and secure.

Most would overlook the importance of the weather seal at the bottom of your door. But, this is an extremely important part to protect your home.

Keep the weather where it belongs

One of the many functions of the weather seal is to help keep the weather out. For the majority of people, your overhead set-up is the gateway to your family’s home. So, it’s important to make sure that during the seasons the weather is kept outside where it belongs. If your weather seal is compromised then both hot and cold air can creep into your house and may even affect your energy bills.

Making sure that you have a quality weather seal installed on your garage door is important when creating that barrier to keep the seasons outside and from affecting the comfort of your family.

Don’t let the critters in

Another function of the seal at the bottom of your garage door is keeping all the bugs and critters outside of your house. Nobody likes having to deal with bugs or animals crawling around your family’s home. Not only can this cause infestation but it can be costly to have them removed if it becomes a serious issue.

One of the ways to ensure that this doesn’t occur is to make sure the weather stripping at the bottom of your door is not only the proper type necessary for your set-up, but that its not outdated and actually functional.

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