Garage doors are made from almost every type of material imaginable, even fiberglass. The Fiberglass-Clad series of garage doors have the look of wood but are made of steel covered with fiberglass. The engineering method for this series combines the artful with the practical.

The unique fiberglass outer surface is created from the name brands Therma-Tru and AccuGrain. These manufacturers know how to expertly design the exterior fiberglass on the garage door to look like wood. It’s a great way to have the look and feel of wood without the maintenance hassle.

The Fiberglass series offers the right color coordination to perfectly enhance the presentation of your home. You can custom design the look of the garage door with glass, color scheme and preferred design.

Insulation and Safety Features:

Do you want to reduce the amount of street noise you hear in the house? The Impression Collection garage doors come with the polyurethane foam insulation in place in order to help reduce ambient noise and promote energy efficiency. The added insulation even helps the door operate quieter.

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