If you have fallen in love with the look of real wood and place a high priority on durability and insulation as well, Carriage House Collection has the garage doors you need. This series effectively merges the charm of real wood with the tenacity of steel.

Superior engineering captures the unique character of wood with custom wood grain designs available in almost any color you can imagine. The embossed wood grain option fools even the keenest observer with its realistic texture and finishing stain.

What are some of the other features?

The Carriage House Collection garage doors have great features and options. If energy efficiency is important to you will be glad to know that this series is highly rated for insulation quality. The specialized finishing coat is double layered and sealed with heat to ensure beauty and durability.

On top of the polyurethane foam insulation the Carriage House series features a bulb seal across the bottom. This seal is an added measure of protection from insects, dust or other elements.

How many design options are available?

This series offers the option of two toned or one toned stained finishing colors.

Windows can be inserted as another upgrade that many people like due to the addition of natural lighting into the garage area. Windows also offer a nice upgrade to the overall look and feel of the garage door front.

Carriage House Collection garage doors are topped off with a personalized touch of decorative hardware to tie the whole look together.

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